Are you a Parent facing “sleeping problems of your Baby”?

 Parents may have to spend sleepless nights themselves in order rest their babies sleep problems. Find out what you can do when your baby is unable to sleep and try to overcome it.


  None of them are able to predict baby’s sleeping hours. Babies are indeed a bundle of joy, but they can be a bit of trouble when you are not able to control and design his sleeping cycle in a manner you would like to.

  They can turn into a night owl all of a sudden and then decide to give you sleepless nights for days and weeks together! By playing briskly. It is quite natural that the baby might grow and continue with unique sleeping habits that do not comply with the suitable pattern that you want to set.

Causes of Sleep Problems in Babies

 Problems with sleep timing in babies usually happen when the babies grow out of the infant stage, that is, when they are around close to 2 weeks old. This continues till they are about two-three months old, when they simply defy sleeping, even if you are ready to drop off after the day’s work.

 This is basically due to the fact as the baby is now learning to see and understand the world around. Baby will learn each and every thing happening around. He is filled with too much of curiosity that he is mostly ready for anything apart from sleep.

Tips to make your baby’s sleep comfort

Follow a Bedtime Routine

 Help the baby to understand that there is a routine to follow and teach your baby to sleep at night times. You can start right with the dinner time. Sometime after he has had his food, you can give him a warm bath or sponge him and change his clothes.


 Follow this with a good moisturizer massage and put him in his cradle or bed that will arouse the sleep. Sing him a song or tell him a story or play a soft music as you dim the lights and cuddle him softly.

 Pat him a little to induce the sleep and say Goodnight and leave the room. If the baby cries in protest and tries to hold you back, you can linger your stay for just a couple of minutes once and no further.

 You have to be strict here and not give in to his cries and teary protests even if your heart wants to. Else he will derive a different understanding that routines can be bent with emotional reactions. As you follow such a routine for a few days, you will notice that the baby is getting attuned to it and falling asleep readily during the night.

  Let the Baby Have Dinner on Time

 It is necessary that the baby has his dinner well before of his bed-time. once dinner the metabolism of the body heightens up so as to digest the food, that the baby also remains overactive and naturally rejects to sleep.


 Also ensure that the dinner is a very light one so that it is easy for him to digest. Same goes for those babies who are nursing. Lactate him early and do not continue for a very long time. Keep in mind breastfed babies need their milk in little amounts and frequently. So you might have to feed him in the middle part of the night.

 All said and done, make sure that you are not providing an environment where it is difficult to sleep. This means that the lights should be dimmed out and there should be no noise or loud music or television running in a loud amplification in the room of the baby. These are all stimulants that keep the baby away from falling asleep. Put the baby to bed in a dark, quiet, comfortably warm and cozy ambience.

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