Chettinad fish curry


Chettinad is that the home of the Nattukottai Chettiars (Nagarathar), a prosperous banking and community. it’s additionally best-known for its native preparation, design, and spiritual temples

The word “Chettinad” means that a social caste specialising within the preparation of food. Consequently, the Chettinads are thought-about master chefs, and Chettinad cooking is one in every of the spiciest and also the most aromatic in Republic of India.[citation needed] The dishes are sometimes flat-topped with a tough coddled egg.

Meals additionally comprises roasted lentils, herbaceous plant curry, drumstick cervid, drawn butter for seasoned rice, and sweet meats like payasam and paal paniyaram. As an example, Kara kolambu may be a extremely regarded South Indian cervid, whereas Aadi kummayam may be a sweet delicacy, made up of pulses. In general, beef and pork dishes don’t seem to be served. Some well-known native dishes are Chicken Chettinad (Spicy Chicken Curry), Vegetable Chettinad (a vegetable curry) and fish chettinad (a fish curry and fry) dishes that includes food

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