A Train Journey – Everyone has their own Story in Life

A 20 years old boy and his father got into a train and the boy took the window seat and he seems to be enjoying the travel and the nature, as if he is seeing it for the first time. Once the train started moving, the boy started shouting by seeing out the window that, Dad, see these trees are moving at the back, His Dad just gave a smile, there was a young couple sitting nearby this boy looked at his childlike behavior and started talking within them about that boy. Suddenly, again the boy called his father with an excitement and told that “Dad see the clouds are running with us”. Again the dad smiled and kept quiet.train-travelling

The Young couple couldn’t understand why this boy is talking like this, and they asked his father who is sitting nearby, that. why  don’t you take your son to a Good doctor?. Again that old man gave a smile and replied that, we are just coming from the hospital only and he also added that his son was blind from the birth, he just got his eyes yesterday and this is the first time he is seeing the world. The young couple really felt sorry for what they have asked.

Moral :

Every single person in this planet has a story. So don’t judge people before you truly knowing them. The truth might definitely surprise you.

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