A Little Girl Rose

A man went to a flower shop to ask for a couple blooms to be wired to a far away place. Demand of bloom was to be sent to his mother who lived three hundred miles away.

As man got away shop and went to his auto, he saw a young woman sitting alone on pathway crying.

He went to young woman and asked her, “Would you say you are alright?”

She replied, “I have to buy rose for my mother yet i have only a solitary dollar and a lone rose cost 2 dollar.”

Man smiled toward that young woman and said, “Go with me. I will buy that rose for you.”

He took that young woman into bloom shop and moved toward young woman to ask for climbed for her mother.

As young lady was leaving shop with Rose, man offered young lady to give her ride. She acknowledged and said, “Yes please.. take me to my mom.”

She guided him toward burial ground where she set that rose on newly burrowed grave.

Right then and there man acknowledged something and did a reversal to blossom shop and crossed out the request he put before and after that got a bundle and drove three hundred miles to his mom’s home.

Life is too Short. We ought to invest as much as energy with Loved one while we can. Adore Your Parents and offer Time to Them as there is nothing critical than Family.

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