9 Simple Techniques for Waking Up Early

The phrase “Early Bird catches the  worm” has been one of the few idioms that holds true no matter what. But there is more to being an ’early bird than just the worm. By all means most people who follow this seem to be happy and confident,

When asked, Renee Bliss, researcher at University of Toronto, had this to say about the phenomenon. “We don’t know why this is, but there are a few potential explanations. ”

Research done by various Universities point out that,  “people have naturally varying sleep profiles.” The term ‘chronotypes’ has been coined to phrase these sleep profiles. In addition, the modern society’s working methodologies still suit well with the idea of ‘early bird’.

For people who couldn’t find themselves following this plan due to difficulties, here are list of ideas that would aid you in doing so.

1. Set your mind that you would wake up early

1 ecca15a997e67f89_78653474.preview  In a study conducted in Germany. It was found that people, who were informed prior that  they were going to be woken up at 6 a.m, had an involuntary alertness-driving stress hormones building in their bodies at 4:30 a.m.

  Those who werent informed didnt have the hormones in them- and were down about waking   up. Jeff Howe, Psychology Today writer said “Our bodies note the time we hope to begin our   day and gradually prepare us for consciousness

 2. Keep your Early Morning Free

  The idea of heavy work , otherwise known as “cognitive load”, in early morning puts excess strain on your internal clock to wake up. Do not plan for/perform heavy tasks in the early morning.

Have a daily routine that would help you overcome the cognitive load. Do the same simple tasks every day to reduce the excessive pressure.

3. Get your daily dose of sun.

3urlHuman beings are diurnal creatures. Sun gives vitamin D for us and that is good for our health. So sun is very important source of energy for speeding up our daily activities. In the early morning while doing exercises our body gets fit and also the sweat comes from our body makes us fresh and brisk for the entire day.

A study conducted by an University concluded that people who received bright light early in the morning were more alert than those who didnt. The cognitive activities of their brain was also sped up.



4. DO NOT hit snooze.

  In order to get the body ready, we wake up with a wave of stress hormones. If you hit the snooze   button, it would imply that its alright for your body go back to sleep-mode. You ll just be even       more clumsy after you wake up again. Better keep those eyes open.

5. Pinch yourself. Seriously.

According to a study conducted by University of Michigan, when massaged on their pressure points, people gain an alertness boost.

There are a total of five pressure points on the body , in which this works. Just massage for three minutes each in the following areas. The top of the head, the point between your thumb and index finger, right below the center of the knee cap, below the ball of the foot, and the base of your neck.                                                              

url6   6. Make it a point get up at a fixed time

At the end of the day, our body is just another machine, no matter how complex it maybe. So it should be tuned to work at proper timings to attain maximum efficiency. Just fix a time that would be best for your schedule & your body.


7. Use a gentle alarmurl7

Sleep inertia, is a concept where , it is tough to stay awake, due to the sleep you had.Contrary to popular belief, the louder the alarm is, the higher your sleep inertia would be. Wake up to something simple & elegant, than any other noise that you usually use.


Restless-Legs-Syndrome8. Move that body

Due to sleeping all night,your blood gets a little stagnant Just do a little stretches & yoga, if youre upto it, to get that blood pumped up again.


10 optimal-hydration


9. Hydration is the trick

This is the easiest part. Make up for all the water you lost during the night by taking in a glass of water. Thats it. You are good to go.

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