7Lessons from a Game

It was a sport stadium; girls were standing ready on their track. Ready! Steady! Go! Along with the sound of handgun all girls started running. They took only 15 steps from the start point, suddenly one of the girls slipped and fell down, and started crying due to pain.
All other girls heard the sound and stopped running; they turn back and ran towards the girl pacified her. They joined their hands and holding the girl, walked towards the winning post.
People were shocked and many of them got tears in the eyes. It is a really story that happened recently.
Which was conducted by National Institute of Mental Health, participants were Mentally RETARDED.????????
They thought us:

  • Teamwork,
  • Humanity,
  • Sportsman
  • spirit,
  • Love,
  • Care 
  • Equality..

A normal man can never do this because
we have Brains….
We have Ego…
We have Attitude…

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