7 Invalid Myths About The Human Brain

Everyone like to discuss about the science of anatomy, especially brains, but most people do not know that there’s a considerable measure of trick drifting around the topic. In their most recent science feature, Scientists listed down the seven of the most familiar myths – and explained why they aren’t exactly the same.Here are the listed seven adjustments of often repeated myths, with the full feature underneath it.

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better

If the size of the brain was all that mattered, the sperm whale, which has the biggest brain when compared to all – would be the most smartest animal creature on earth. Humans lose even in brain size to body mass ratio, to creatures like the tree wench.

Alcohol wont kill brainalcohol_and_TBI_iStock_000015394252XSmall

Too Much of drinking can affect the connections between brain cells and they wont vaporize. Youngsters with fetal liquor disorder frequently they will be having very less brain cells, and too much of drinking over long period of times can surely harm the mind. But that wont kill the cells, they remain how they were left in the first place

Drugs will not create any holes in your brain
Nootropics-PostWhen I say drugs wont create any hole, it doesn’t mean that you are free to take drugs, without facing any consequences. Drugs may still affect the brains structure and interrupt brains activities while functioning, but they don’t cause any external damage.



Humans don’t have 100 Billions Brain Cells , but close enough

In 2009, a group of scientist found that we humans have around 86 billions brain cells. I know what you’re thinking ,”So where did the other 14 billion cells go?” The answer is Neural networks.

Humans hardly use 10% of their brainsbrain-percent

The biggest of modern myths about human brains, is that we hardly use all of our brain, which couldn’t be any more incorrect. It is not like only one part of our brain is active while writing & reading, and it goes back to sleep when we are drawing. NO, the human brain is used to the max, throughout your every activity


We are not left or right brained

There is a familiar old proverb that say, people who t.hinkcreatively are right-brained&who think logically are left-brained. Though it is true that different parts of your brain are engaged with some work ( Say for example your left side is strong in language) When it comes to studies . It is never proven that at any moment, left or right side of the brain is dominating on any individuals.

The Five senses, and more

Humans don’t have just the five senses of “Sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch”. They are just the start of a big list including balance, temperature,time, the natural instict that helps us not walk into things all the time, and nociception, our sense of pain.

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