Steps Towards Promotion at Work

Promotions are given based on the work history. The assessment for promotion is done based on the attitude and performance at work and you should be a patient team player to make a climb from your position.You are responsible for your own success and failures in your career; it’s not important that how much you

Yoga for newbies

Yoga lets us know to maintain sync between all the forces on our body. If our body is not well enough, yoga shows how to restore health by control over mind and body Keep it Regular: Do your yoga regularly, even if you are doing only few asanas in a day. It is a must

Finger Walking is the Way

What does “Finger Walking“ even mean? While reading the headline of the topic, hope you might have come up with what is meant by finger walk. As same as I couldn’t resist myself to think after reading the headline, I was very curious to read the topic. It was really very nice and it leads

Know How Safe is Your Mobile Truly

The need for safety check: The electric innovation has slowly did not creep into our lives like the slow dusk after noon. It came more like the sudden darkness that jumps right after the dusk. it almost seemed like one fine night, almost everyone had a mobile in their hand. It took the management &

Tips for Making babies Sleep

Are you new to parenting? Are you having a hard time knowing how to make your babies go to sleep? You are not alone. Studies show that modern age children suffer a lot from extended sleeping problems. But we are here to share a few tips to help you with it. Here is a list
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