7Lessons from a Game

It was a sport stadium; girls were standing ready on their track. Ready! Steady! Go! Along with the sound of handgun all girls started running. They took only 15 steps from the start point, suddenly one of the girls slipped and fell down, and started crying due to pain. All other girls heard the sound

Eye Exercise To Improve Vision

We all know physical exercise and workouts helps in improving the functioning of organs in the body and make us fit. The same way we have several exercises to improve the functioning of the eye sight and also helps to overcome the eye related problems. Along with daily workouts we also have to give time

If You Want To Be Happy Make Others Happy

Two men admitted in a hospital as both are seriously ill as they are unable to move from their bed. They occupied the same room, one person near a window and other next to him, they became good friends sharing about their family, past life and military services. The friend near the window on every

Important Question

Important Question In Your Life During my Higher Secondary school days one of our teachers conducted a quiz. As I was a meticulous student I had a look around the entire question list, finally when I reached the last question and read it was “What is the name of the lady who cleans the school?”

Steps Towards Promotion at Work

Promotions are given based on the work history. The assessment for promotion is done based on the attitude and performance at work and you should be a patient team player to make a climb from your position.You are responsible for your own success and failures in your career; it’s not important that how much you
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