Kids and technology-Parenting Tips

Parenting is a process of supporting for a child’s physical and intellectual development. In earlier days story telling was a common parent practice to make the children motivate and inspire them to the right path.But now a day’s those practice are not seen among the parent children relation. Children spend time with all the latest

A small story with powerfull lesson

A boy and a girl were playing together in a park. The boy had a collection of beautiful marbles with him and the girl had some delicious sweets with her.When they are about to leave, the boy told the girl that he will give all his marbles in exchange for her sweets. The girl agreed for the deal.

Look at Things Differently

One day a Father was reading a magazine, his little daughter was keep on distracting and playing. He was not able to read the magazine, he don’t want to scold her daughter and planned to keep her busy. He tore a page on which the world map was printed, he tore that into pieces and

7Lessons from a Game

It was a sport stadium; girls were standing ready on their track. Ready! Steady! Go! Along with the sound of handgun all girls started running. They took only 15 steps from the start point, suddenly one of the girls slipped and fell down, and started crying due to pain. All other girls heard the sound

Eye Exercise To Improve Vision

We all know physical exercise and workouts helps in improving the functioning of organs in the body and make us fit. The same way we have several exercises to improve the functioning of the eye sight and also helps to overcome the eye related problems. Along with daily workouts we also have to give time
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