PM’s of India

A long struggle with British Government. We got Independents on 15 August 1947. After that india is ruling by indians, the rulers who was elected by the people of great nation. Indian Government has crossed 17 “Prime Ministers” of india. To About Our Country Click:INDIA Jawahar Lal Nehru Jawaharlal Nehru was born in Allabahad on


The Indian Tri-Colour Flag The Indian national tricolor, prominently known as “Tiranga” was embraced on 22nd July 1947. The tricolor comprises of three even groups of profound saffron demonstrating strength and penance, white showing peace and truth and green, demonstrating confidence and gallantry separately. The white band additionally decorates the ‘Asoka Chakra’ in blue demonstrating.

wear your failure as a badge of honour

Pichai is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Google Inc. Once in the past the Product Chief at Google, Pichai’s present part was declared on 10 August 2015, as a feature of the rebuilding procedure that made Alphabet Inc. into Google’s guardian organization, and he took on the position on 2 October 2015 Pichai was

The Reason Behind New Indian Rupee Symbol

The man who found the new indian rupee symbol Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam born on ten October 1978 in kallakurichi is that the designer of the new Indian rupee sign. His style was chosen from among 5 short listed symbols The logic behind the new indian rupee logo combination of of Hindi and English The image

Age, No Bar

Watch the Inspirational videoCOLONEL SNADERS LIFE HISTORY Whether you prefer KFC or not, the story of commissioned military officer Harland Sanders is actually wonderful. This story is sacred as a result of it’s Associate in Nursing example of however perseverance, dedication, and ambition at the side of diligence will produce success; notwithstanding your age. Colonel
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