A Train Journey – Everyone has their own Story in Life

A 20 years old boy and his father got into a train and the boy took the window seat and he seems to be enjoying the travel and the nature, as if he is seeing it for the first time. Once the train started moving, the boy started shouting by seeing out the window that,

Battles in our mind

Motivational Story: Quite a long time ago, a daughter told her father that she feels so depressed and her life is so unhappy and she doesn’t know how to overcome it. She was really drained of struggling all the time. After listening to her words, her father, who is a chef, took her to the

What is the Right Career after 12th?

Choosing the right course after 12th is very important but a difficult task. The first step in the task is to know what are the options available in each stream. Here we give you the list of courses after completing 12th. Science: If you have completed 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Biology the following are list

Find your career path after 10th Board Exam

Introduction  Choosing a right stream after completion of class 10 board exam is the key element in career growth,which  defines your future. Choose the course according to your interest, your skills and your dream future. It is also important to choose a course to your potential talents and the places you perform well. Students will

Fearless Board Exams – Tips

The following are Key points to be noted to have a fearless approach towards Board Exam Develop a good study habit: Exams are not an overnight task, Make schedule from the beginning and have a better knowledge on every subject.  Keep body and mind healthy: To stay fit have nutritious food, do regular exercise that
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